Swiftly approaching a decade of top quality Blackline printing to the building industry, AEC Repro offers unparalleled wide format output. Our reprographic department is fully integrated into the BuildFLOW system for prompt and efficient service on every order. All work is produced in our own shop and is overseen by our experienced reprographics specialists. With our main offices conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, we can offer same day turn-around and convenient walk-in service. We do not charge for first run, overtime, or setup fees.

Reprographic orders can be submitted in digital or hard copy formats. When using our BuildFLOW interface it is easy to track the status and contents of any order. BuildFLOW gives the project managers complete control to determine which team members can order documents. With BuildFLOW your invoices are accurate and easy to understand.

We are committed to leading the industry in building ecologically sound businesses. Wherever possible, AEC Repro employs both recycled and recyclable products in its work. Talk to us about meeting your company's ecological goals.

Wide & Small Format Reproduction

Whether you require black and white or color, small or wide format reproduction, we employ a skilled staff and top of the line software and production equipment to meet your every need. We accept orders online, or by e-mail, phone and fax. Our Operations, Production and Shipping Departments are fully integrated within BuildFLOW for trusted order accuracy and fast service. Operations checks every order. Should a problem arise, we will contact you directly to expedite order fulfillment.

Plotting & File Conversion

Let our document management professionals take care of all of your file conversions. We are proactive; we contact the designer when there is a conversion issue and correct the problem before any reproduction ever takes place. We are fully trained in plotting, CAD file conversion, high-end color renderings and many other files types.

Bindery Services

We offer a variety of traditional and custom bindery services for wide and small format documents:
  • Wide Format: Simple Staple, Binding Strip, Screw Post, Folding, Mounting
  • Small Format: Simple Staple, Acco, Wire, GBC, Binders, Folding, Covers, Special Stock, Inserts, etc.

Digital Media Options

Think Green - Reduce hard copy reproduction and save money by ordering document delivery via broadband downloads and compact disks. Broadband recipients are automatically notified via e-mail when their order is ready for download from our secure ftp file server. Drawing files can be requested in industry standard TIF or PDF file formats.

AEC REPRO leads the way in reducing the footprint our industry makes on the environment. Talk to us today about your account and how we can help make your projects more eco-friendly.

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